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Lamborghini Official Criytography Capital (LOCC) will be launched inside the #MetaHash platform

Speed and Processing Power: It will use the #MetaHash protocol of blockchain ultra fast and secure

speed and Processing power: 50000 transactions per second (the capacity of a 100 megabit channel).

Speed and Validation Power: Less than 3 seconds for validation..


#METAHASH is the most important, fast and secure decentralized network for the exchange of digital assets and a platform to create applications that work in real time. It grows as more nodes with greater bandwidth are added to the network that forms the core of the network.


Lamborghini Official Criytography Capital (LOCC) will launch on the #MetaHash platform.


You will use the #MetaHash ultra-fast and secure blockchain protocol.


50,000 transactions per second (the capacity of a 100 megabit channel).


Less than 3 seconds for validation.

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Seconds to approve the transaction
Stages of consensus for verification
Transactions per second in each node


It is the official cryptocurrency of commerce and the protection of the value of the Lamborghini crypto investor community. Our LOCC currency differs from the rest, since it is backed not only by the trust of its users, but also by the company's assets. Its price is supported and sustained by the permanent execution of the Lamborghini projects (New Super Depotivo, SUV, 4X2 and 4x4 LA VISION), company shares (LOSK) issued through the blockchain, and our own future Exchange and Digital Bank Lamborghini, since we have the corresponding authorizations, trademarks and patents to create financial entities (Nice Convention, Class 12 and 36).

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LOCC operates in the #MetaHash Network, fully decentralized .



It grows as more nodes with greater bandwidth are added to the network that forms the core of the network and improves reliability.


High bandwidth allows the network to keep transaction prices low in history, because it has enough resources to process more transactions per unit of time.


The lower the price of the transaction, the more potential customers are interested in using the platform to store their financial transaction information and technical data.


A multi-active wallet that supports "light mode" without downloading the entire blockchain.


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Our company makes available to investors the possibility of acquiring shares or nominal titles of the company, with the exclusive identification of data of the acquirer (image of the title, certificate of authenticity, where appropriate image of the shareholder, of all data descriptive text, identification nomenclature of the action) attached to the blockchain. The shareholder will be able to verify the ownership of his share, graphically within the network, an advantage that does not exist today in the stock market. This system will cause an evolution in the way in which the shareholders of all latitudes make investments and at the same time demonstrate the ownership of their titles, as well as the power to automatically and instantly certify their authenticity against a new acquirer or a third party.

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Financial, Legal, Admnistrators, Programmers, Developers and Designer Members

Jorge Antonio Fernández García

President / CEO / Co-Founder

Systems engineer / Mexico



Technical team composed of more than 150 members / Russia

Harald Georg Frohmut Sauer


Advertising MAN AG, Webasto, Creative Labs, Macrotron Techn. Doc. MAN AG, Webasto / Germany

Daisuke Iguchi

Chief Designer

Graphic Designer / Japan

Prashant Pandit

Advisory Board

Executive Director at Universal CLC Advisor and Investor / India;

Maximiliano F. Schmaldienst

CMO / Co-Founder / Bachelor of Business

Business Administrator / Argentina

Marcelo A. Urdicelli

CTO / Co-Founder

Programmer Analyst and Network Administrator / Argentina

Roberto García Nogueira

Mining & Infraestructure

Mining technician / Spain

Sales Agents

And Friends and Family Autorhized for sale / International

Frequent questions

Usual consultations on progress, development and future of the cryptocurrency of greater security, speed and solidity of the blockchain

How many LOCC coins will be issued?

For each project in the Lamborghini Latin America industry world, a complete and limited series of LOCC cryptocurrencies will be issued and will be reported on this official website. Currently, 200 million LOCC smats contracts have been issued. 1% were placed for private sale. The purpose is to maintain the value of the currency permanently and forever.

How can you get Smart Contracts Lamborghini Cryptography Capital (LOCC)? Will there also be an official market?

Yes. By clicking on the Buy button, you can buy our tokens for private sale, by direct contact and by invitation. We are working in a market with statistical indexes and newsletters to inform you about the progress of our projects and the price of LOCC tokens.

What will be the means of payment for its acquisition?

With a few simple steps you can generate the LOCC credit cards by paying with Bitcoins, Ethereums or choose the bank transfer option, quickly and safely.

Can LOCC coins may be used to purchase discounted products and services?

Generated projects Lamborghini products can be purchased with discounts for those who are related to the LOCC accounts, from cars, SUVs or the entire range of Lamborghini Latin America products.

Where I can acquire LOSK shares of Lamborghini Latinoamerica?

Our LOSK technology is in the final stage of development. We estimate that by mid-2020 we will have its availability for sale.

Can LOCC tokens be exchanged for LOSK shares of the Lamborghini Latinoamerica Company?

Yes. The owner / holder of the LOCC tokens can be exchanged for the company's shares, the value of the official sale of each of them at the time of the transaction.


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Contact us to acquire LOCC Tokens and we will indicate the steps to follow.

Our sales are private, by invitation

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